Competitive entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, NEET and AIIMS are difficult to crack because:

  • The syllabus of these exams is vast - they cover more than 15,000 concepts which is difficult to finish properly in two years
  • These exams tests students not only for their academic knowledge but also for other skills like analytical skills, time-management, situational intelligence, etc. which most coaching don't provide.

Because most students lack in either or both, many do not get a high score that can ensure a seat in their dream college.

How to improve score?

Considering that you have already gone through your boards and one round of coaching, you already have an idea of the syllabus. Although, you need to know where your preparation went wrong or was lacking and make a plan custom made for you to succeed. 

Where did it go wrong?

Low scores is caused due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your basics are not clear
  • Your know the basics but you are unable to tackle difficult questions
  • You are academically strong but you are not able to convert your knowledge into marks

You have to identify where you are lagging behind that has resulted in low score. Once you have identified your weaknesses - academic or skill-wise, you have to work on them to improve, which in turn will result in score improvement.

What to do?

The ideal first step to do is to know where you stand. You can take a full-length mock test on Embibe (which are of the same difficulty level as that of actual exams) and go through the detailed analysis that pinpoints the areas you need to focus on (Are there important chapters you are weak at? Are you struggling with time? Which of your attempts are actually hurting you with negative marking?)

In depth: How does the analysis help?

The next thing to do is work on your areas of improvement. Some students may be able to work on them by themselves, in which case, they must solve questions from score improvement packs custom made to suit their needs. Embibe's JUMP provides personalized score improvement packs specifically made to address these issues.

In depth: Find out what is Jump and which Jump pack is suited for you here.

However, we recommend that personalized, smart, performance based guidance is the fastest and most efficient way to get to the goal. 

How can you get smart personalized guidance to improve your score?

Your exam score depends on three parameters as follows:

  • Academic Proficiency - The amount of clarity you have about all the concepts in the syllabus and your ability to apply the knowledge to solve problems form 61 percent of your score
  • Test Taking Proficiency - Skills like time-management, ability to select the right questions, and your overall test-taking strategy forms 39 percent of your score

You need to improve in each of these to make sure that you score high in your exams. RANKUP is India's first personalized score improvement guarantee.  It combines the best of everything on Embibe. It considers several parameters and gives personalized instructions (which test-taking habits you need to keep in check, which ones you need to enhance) as well as personalized resources (which topics to practice in order of importance to the exam) that help in your overall development, which in turn, results in score improvement.

Does RANKUP save you time?

RANKUP diagnoses your academic weaknesses and narrows down the scope for study by selecting 10 chapters each containing 30-50 hand-picked questions, which when solved, guarantees your mastery in the chapters. These chapters are selected based on your performance in the test in RANKUP - important chapters you are weak at and need to improve.

Indepth: Find out the unique features of RANKUP that guarantees score improvement.

It has been found that students using RANKUP have improved their score by up to 60 percent in just 10 tests.

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