Apart from a student's academic knowledge, Embibe also focuses on critical exam-taking skills like: 

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Time management
  • Stamina
  • Attempt planning

Embibe's Advanced Feedback Analysis (AFA) gives detailed feedback on and insights into the way you took your test. It pinpoints the areas, academic or skill-related, where you are lagging behind. This makes further preparation easier as you know exactly where to focus on. Working as per the recommendations of the AFA results in score improvement. 

The Advanced Feedback Analysis has mainly two sections:

Score and Time Analysis

The Score and Time Analysis of Embibe provides the following insights:

Insight 1: Subject-wise Score

This analysis gives you an insight into the questions you got right or wrong and the ones that you did not attempt for each subject. It also shows how deficient or surplus you are from the cut off.

Insight 2: First Look Time And First Look Accuracy

First Look Time is the time a student takes to finish looking at the entire paper, not necessarily answer all the questions. First Look Accuracy is the accuracy level of your attempts during the First Look Time. Higher your accuracy, the better it is because that means you selected your questions wisely. You can also click on the subjects on the top to filter down to a subject-wise view. Ideally, for a three-hour test, the First Look Time should be 100 minutes and the First Look Accuracy should be more than 90%.

Insight 3: Attempt Strategy

You should have a solid strategy for attempting the test. Careless mistakes are often committed due to inappropriate exam-taking strategies. This is exactly what students get to identify from this section.

Insight 4: Time Spent

How you spend your time is of utmost importance as time management is an important aspect to ensure a higher score in your examination. Embibe's Advanced Feedback Analysis ensures you are aware of how you spent your time. This section of the analysis tells you how much time you spent on each subject and how much time was wasted. To know more details of how you spent your time, go on to the next point.

Insight 5: Attempt Effectiveness

This section of the analysis tells you how efficient you were in taking your tests. It will tell you how many of your questions were wasted, perfect and so on.

You can also view the explanation of this analysis by clicking on 'View Explanation' to get the correct interpretation of the feedback.

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Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis

This section of the Advanced Feedback Analysis gives you insights into the chapters you got right, chapters you got wrong and the ones that were not attempted. You will also get a question-wise analysis based on whether your attempts were correct or incorrect. You can check the solutions there along with videos and proper explanation.

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As you can see, the Advanced Feedback Analysis tells you the exact areas you need to work on. Students who have studied as per the recommendations of the Advanced Feedback Analysis have seen around 25% increase in score in just two tests.

The Advanced Feedback Analysis is automatically unlocked if you sign up for JUMP or RANKUP.

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