Perfect Attempts in an examination are those questions answered correctly within the ideal time assigned to them. If you score a perfect attempt, it is a sign that you know the method and concept well.

The goal is to increase the number of perfect attempts to score higher and improve your marks. After a test you generally focus on where you lost marks but it is important to focus on what you got right since this helps you identify your strong concepts and chapters so you can build a robust attempt plan. Playing to your strengths is very important to score high in exams.

Why is Perfect Attempt important?

In every attempt, there are two things that matter - accuracy and speed. When you get both of these right you get what Embibe calls a ‘perfect attempt’. 

Easy and medium difficulty questions from all subjects, plus chapters you know well, should always fetch you perfect attempts. This helps you overall because more perfect attempts means less overtime attempts and wasted attempts because you are not panicking to finish the paper. 

A student should increase his perfect attempts with every test he takes as he progresses through Embibe. JEE 2014 AIR 3, Govind Lahoti increased his perfect attempts from 46 to 53 over the course of 7 Embibe tests!

While practicing on Embibe, you can keep track of and control the amount of time you are spending on each question. This will help you learn and master how to get Perfect Attempts.

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