If you are spending too much time on certain questions and struggling to finish your paper on time, it means you are making Overtime Attempts. Embibe measures the amount of time you spend on every question while practicing or taking a test on the platform. 

Overtime Attempts are those questions on which a student spends more time than the ideal time and gets them either wrong or right. The lesser your overtime attempts the higher your score because you will have more time to attempt other questions.

Always keep in mind that even if you get the question correct after going over time you are losing valuable minutes that could determine the rest of the paper. This is called Overtime Correct Attempt.

In the case of an Overtime Incorrect Attempt, you lose marks as well as valuable time. This means that you did not know the smartest way to approach this problem. Revise your concepts and tackle the most difficult questions in the end if you have time.

Regular practice in a time-bound manner can help you reduce your overtime attempts and improve your score.

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