Competitive exams are different from the usual exams. They test your ability to apply multiple concepts you’ve learnt together in new and different situations. They test your speed, accuracy, stamina, judgement (which questions to attempt) as well as your academic ability.

The “First Look Time” is the amount of time required to go through every question in the paper at least once (not necessarily answering them all!).

Here is what most top rankers prefer in the exam:

Ideally, First Look Time should be less than 100 minutes. This leaves you enough time to go through the paper again and answer other questions. 

If you struggle to solve each and every question in the order you encounter them in the paper, you will waste a lot of precious time and energy and be at the mercy of the paper. Take control of your time in your own hands by finishing your first look in 100 minutes.

"First Look Accuracy" refers to the questions you answered correctly in the first look time. The ideal First Look Accuracy should be greater than 90%

It doesn’t matter how fast you solve if you don’t solve with high accuracy. It might sound crazy - solve faster than before, but solve more accurately too.

The secret is in the selection of questions. Don’t attempt questions that you are not sure of or that might take a lot of your time in the first look. Just read them, and assess the difficulty level and time required to solve it. In the first look, you should only attempt questions you are sure of and you know will take you less than 1.5 minutes to solve. To develop this judgement, practice timed question on Embibe.

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