With the gradual increase in competition, cracking entrance examinations alone cannot guarantee you a seat in your dream college. In order to ensure a seat in the topmost medical and engineering institutes in the country, you must score as high as possible. 

What are the factors on which my score depends? 

Your exam score is built on 2 parameters:

  • Academic Proficiency – The amount of clarity a student has about the various concepts and topics in the syllabus and his ability to apply this to solve the questions form 61% of the score.
  • Test Taking Proficiency - Skills like section-level time management, your strategy to take the exam, question selection, ability to deal with nervousness, etc. are crucial to your performance. This determines the remaining 39% of your score.

How can Embibe help me improve these three parameters?

Keeping these three parameters and issues in mind, Embibe has come up with two premium products which help in the overall development of a student and helps in score improvement.


JUMP is a set of score improvement packs consisting of important questions selected not only from your mistakes but also from Ranker's mistakes, which helps you identify the key areas you are weak at and the reasons behind it. This, in turn, helps you to improve.

The top five factors for low scores among students are:

  1. Careless mistakes
  2. Nervousness
  3. Lack of prioritization
  4. Time management
  5. Unable to attempt after knowing the topic 

JUMP is a product developed specifically to address all the issues students face in their exams. 

In traditional coaching centers run by humans, it is not possible to keep track of these factors affecting a student's performance. But Embibe keeps track of every movement a student makes on the website and based on these collected data, it provides personalized assistance to help students face these challenges.

Jump, with its data analytics, prepares the students to face these challenges. It offers features like:

Embibe has developed three different packs for Jump keeping in mind the different levels of students:

  • Fix Knowledge 
  • Fix Strategy
  • Fix Both

In depth: Read this article to find out which Jump pack is suitable for you.


RANKUP is a product that provides personal mentoring and helps students overcome the challenges they face in scoring high by telling how to improve.

RANKUP is India’s first-ever, personalized score improvement guarantee. You can improve your score by 60% in just 10 tests if you use RANKUP.

While Jump gives you a peek into your academic, behavioral and test taking strategies and tells you what is causing the loss of marks, RANKUP tells you how to improve yourself. 

RANKUP gives you personal mentoring – personalized feedback and suggestions on how to face and overcome the challenges because of which you are losing marks. 

This isn't something that offline coaching centers can provide because of the low teacher-student ratio and time constraints. Also, offline coaching centers do not have the resources and technology to track a student's behavioral irregularities.

You can also track your performance and improve your behavioral strategy to take tests in RANKUP. RANKUP also rates the amount of effort you are putting in your preparation.

In depth: Read this article to find out the features of RANKUP.

Check out this video to find out how to take a test on Embibe and how test feedback in Embibe's RANKUP guarantees score improvement:

Apart from providing these premium products, Embibe also provides study-materials, practice sets, and mock test series for free. Let's find out in details.

  1. Embibe helps a student to have in-depth knowledge about all the concepts and topics in the syllabus. It provides study materials, notes and video lectures that:
  • Cover the entire syllabus of all competitive entrance exams,
  • Explain every concept and topic in a simple manner.

You can learn about more than 15,000 concepts on Embibe, which covers the entire syllabus of board exams as well as medical and engineering entrance exams.

2. Once you have completed a particular chapter, you can practice it on Embibe. Embibe provides:

  • More than 200 questions for practice under each topic and subtopic,
  • Hint for every question
  • Option to "Bookmark" a question to revise later.  

If you get an answer wrong, you can view the solution, go back to the concept to revise, or you can continue till you finish the practice set.

3. Tests on Embibe are unique. Embibe provides different kinds of tests. These are:

  • Full tests
  • Chapterwise Tests
  • Live Tests
  • Part Tests
  • Mock Tests
  • Previous Year Tests
  • 11th Revision Tests

Embibe's tests are of the same difficulty level as that of actual exams. Whatever you score in a test on Embibe is almost the same as the actual exam. 

4. Embibe’s ASK platform helps students to clear their academic doubts. All you have to do is post your question on this platform, and Embibe’s Experts, who are scholars and academicians with years of experience, will get back to you in 24 hours.

In depth: Find out how to search for a chapter or concept and study on Embibe.

With all these features, Embibe can help you ace competitive entrance exams.

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