Engineering and medical entrance exams test students not only for their academic knowledge but also for their analytical skills, time management, and situational intelligence. Cracking these exams needs students to develop the best exam-taking strategy and high level of time-management skills. The top five factors for low scores among students are:

  1. Careless mistakes
  2. Nervousness
  3. Lack of prioritization
  4. Time management
  5. Unable to attempt after knowing the topic 

JUMP prepares you to face and overcome these challenges.

What is JUMP?

JUMP is a personalized score improvement, power packed tool for students preparing for various competitive exams. It is a set of score improvement packs that consists of questions where you are losing marks and/or time or where you are likely to make mistakes. It consists of important questions as well as questions where not only you but also others, including top rankers are making mistakes or losing time. 

JUMP uses data analytics to provide exclusive insights into your performance. It pinpoints the exact areas you need to work upon and improve, like academic weaknesses, careless mistakes, time management, etc. 

Features of JUMP

Apart from the score improvement packs, JUMP prepares a student to face exams by offering the following features:

Which JUMP pack is suitable for me?

Jump has the following three packs for students based on your requirements:

  1. Fix Knowledge: The Fix Knowledge pack is for students who find it difficult to score or lose out marks due to gaps in their academic knowledge. Practicing the questions in this pack which includes questions where you as well as other students made mistakes due to lack of proper knowledge will fix your knowledge gaps.
  2. Fix Strategy: The Fix Strategy pack is designed for the students who are academically strong but are still unable to score high in exams due to gaps and loopholes in their exam-taking strategy. Solving the questions in this pack will improve your ability to answer within the ideal time, select the right questions, and other skills required to take tests successfully.
  3. Fix Both: The Fix Both pack is for students who are unable to score well due to gaps in academic knowledge as well as the strategy to take exams. Practicing the questions in this pack will fix your knowledge gaps and improve your strategy to take exams. 

Students using JUMP saw a 23% improvement in their score.

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