The "Fix Knowledge" JUMP pack is a set of score improvement packs that is for students who are unable to score well in engineering/medical entrance exams due to gaps in their academic knowledge. 

As you practice or take tests on Embibe, your attempt data is tracked. The "Fix Knowledge" JUMP pack contains important questions as well as questions where you made mistakes due to lack of proper knowledge of the related concepts. Questions where most of the other students too made mistakes are also included.

How can "Fix Knowledge" pack help you?

The score improvement packs included under this JUMP pack are:

  1. Important Questions Of All Chapters

  2. BITSAT Logical Reasoning Revision Digest

  3. JEE Main Important Question Revision Digest

  4. JEE Advanced Important Question Revision Digest

  5. BITSAT English Proficiency Revision Digest

  6. Mistakes Of All Rankers

  7. Mistakes Of Top Rankers

  8. Practice All Your Mistakes

  9. Practice Your Overtime Corrects

  10. Practice Overtime Correct Attempts Of Most Students

  11. Practice Matrix Match Questions

  12. Practice Linked Comprehensions Questions

  13. Practice Multiple Choice Questions

  14. Practice Integer Type Questions


  1. Important Questions Of All Chapters

  2. Mistakes Of All Rankers

  3. Mistakes Of Top Rankers

  4. Practice All Your Mistakes

  5. Practice Your Overtime Corrects

  6. Practice Overtime Correct Attempts Of Most Students

The pack also contains the following:

  1. Test at exam level

  2. College predictor

  3. Rank predictor

  4. Compare with rankers

  5. Video solutions for difficult questions

As you practice and take tests on Embibe, the personalized score improvement packs will be updated based on your performance. Solving these questions and viewing the detailed solution will help you fix the gaps in your knowledge.

Improving on your academic knowledge and fixing your knowledge gaps can improve your score by 61 percent.

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