Embibe gives a student the best of its resources to comprehensively complete exam preparations. 'JUMP' is an answer to all the issues faced by students in their tests. The top 5 challenges that decrease marks in exams are:

  • Careless mistakes
  • Nervousness
  • Lack of prioritization
  • Time management
  • Unable to attempt after knowing the topic

JUMP will solve all these problems and prepare a student to approach their exams confidently. 

How does JUMP help students overcome these challenges?

JUMP offers the following features which help students overcome all the challenges that cause them loss of marks:

  • Get detailed insights into the way you take tests with Advanced Test Analysis
  • Correct the deficiencies - wasted attempts, overtime attempts, time spent on questions not attempted
  • Get to know the First Look Accuracy
  • Get question-wise feedback and analysis along with video solutions across 15,000 concepts
  • Compare your performance with rankers
  • Reduces your overtime incorrect and overtime correct attempts in exams
  • Get personalized and other score improvement packs based on your requirement - whether you want to fix your academic gaps or the loopholes in your test-taking strategy or both.

In depth: Find out which JUMP pack is suited for you.

All these features will empower the students to optimize their efforts, thereby increasing their score in exam.

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