RANKUP is India’s first-ever, personalized score improvement guarantee, designed to help aspirants preparing for competitive entrance exams reach their best score! 

Developed by top academicians, machine learning and data science experts at Embibe, RANKUP truly solves the problem of a lack of personalized mentoring and timely guidance in education.

RANKUP is completely personalized and can help you improve overall, across the entire syllabus, or on a particular topic that you are weak on, or even your skill-sets like time-management and question selection. 

Your score in any exam depends upon two factors:

  1. Academic Knowledge
  2. Test-Taking Strategy

RANKUP ensures you improve on both these factors by providing you with step-by-step, personalized instructions as well as personalized practice packs.

To start, all you have to do is take a test on it. That gives us enough information to identify your weaknesses across critical scoring parameters and guide you to improve on them. 

In depth: Read the unique features of RANKUP here.

Students who used RANKUP improved their score by a staggering 25% from Test 1 to Test 2! 

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