RANKUP is India’s first-ever product that offers personalized score improvement guarantee. It is specially designed to help aspirants preparing for various competitive exams such as the JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, AIIMS, and NEET achieve their best score. 

Developed by top academicians and data science experts at Embibe, RANKUP truly solves the problem of a lack of personalized mentoring and timely guidance in education.

RANKUP is completely personalized which means it can pin-point each and every one of your weaknesses, be it your academic weaknesses across the entire syllabus or the gaps in your test-taking skills. 

To start, all you have to do is take a test on it. That gives us enough information to identify your weaknesses across critical scoring parameters.

What are the features of RANKUP that guarantees score improvement?

Following are some of the most amazing features of RANKUP that guarantees score improvement:

1. Score Quotient

Now, Score Quotient is a factor that is calculated by RANKUP on the basis of two other factors:

a. Academic Quotient  
b. Test taking Quotient 

RANKUP looks after the improvement of all these three parameters and helps you to increase your Score Quotient.

In depth: Read more about Score Quotient here.

2. Effort Rating

As you go on practicing, improving and giving tests, RANKUP will assign you your effort rating on the basis of your performance. If you do your revision, practicing and tests really well, your effort rating goes to 100%. If your effort rating is high, your score automatically increases.

In depth: Read more about Effort Rating here.

3. Select Topics to Improve (STI)

Unlike any other preparation product or service, RANKUP is the only place where you can improve per concept or topic! All you have to do is search for any topic that you would like to improve on, select the topic and then click on ‘Improve’. Also note, that you can select as many concepts as you want at any point of time.

On clicking ‘Improve’ you will see RANKUP suggesting you to take a specially generated practice session on the topic(s) chosen.

This will cover the following things:

  1. The most important questions on the topic
  2. Previous years' papers
  3. Questions linked to your weak areas on the topic

In depth: Read more about Select Topics To Improve here.

4. Personalized Academic Revision

Embibe's Personalised Academic Revision (PAR) gives you 10 chapters with 30-50 questions per chapter and hand picked revision of concepts, which narrows down your scope for study.

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5. Test-Taking Strategy

RANKUP identifies the exact parameters that are causing you to lose marks, like spending less than 1/3rd of the ideal time on a question. It gives your current value on these parameters, sets target value based on your potential along with the resulting score improvement, and provides strategies to reach there.

Why RANKUP works?

Unlike what most people think, rigorous learning and practice alone can’t get you to your best score. As we had mentioned earlier, your exam score is built on 2 parameters:

  1. Academic Proficiency - Conceptual clarity and the ability to apply what you know forms 60% of your score.
  2. Test Taking Proficiency - How you perform in the final 3 hours, irrespective of whatever you may have done in 2 years of study/preparation, determines the remaining 40% of your score. Skills like time management, attempt strategy, question selection play a crucial role here.

RANKUP’s revolutionary algorithm takes into account all of these parameters and combines them with your effort rating (how much effort you’re putting in consistently). 

Also, with RANKUP's analysis and feedback, it guarantees score improvement and produces the best results. 

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