What is RANKUP?

RANKUP is a premium product of Embibe that guarantees score improvement. It is the outcome of four and half years of study and research by data science experts, top academicians and scholars at Embibe. It focuses on every aspect of the exam-taking process – time-management, behavioral issues, overall exam-taking strategy, and academic proficiency, and ensures the overall development of a student. It tracks every movement a student makes on the website and pinpoints his weakness – academically or skill-wise, and provides suggestions on how to improve.

What are the unique features of RANKUP?

Some of the key features of RANKUP are as follows:

Unlimited Personalized Study Plan

61% of your score depends on your academic knowledge. RANKUP provides unlimited study plan customized for you based on where you stand which helps you to improve your academic knowledge, especially your weak chapters and concepts. 

With the Personalized Academic Revision feature, RANKUP narrows down your scope for study. For example, after taking a full test on RANKUP, it will select 10 chapters with 30-50 questions per chapter which includes important questions from the chapters and concepts you are weak at. Practicing these questions can help you master your weak chapters.

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RANKUP also offers exclusive improvement plans to help students boost their performance in specific topics. With the Select Topics to Improve feature on Embibe, you can choose from more than 15,000 concepts and RANKUP will generate special practice packs containing handpicked questions for you from the selected topics.

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Plan To Become An Ace Test-Taker

RANKUP takes into consideration factors beyond academic knowledge and its application. It tracks all the factors holding your score back, like spending spending less than 1/3rd of the estimated ideal time to solve a question. By identifying these factors and giving you personalized instructions, it helps you improve your score by 39%. Be it inefficient time management or careless mistakes due to stress or overconfidence, RANKUP helps you to overcome these challenges and improve your overall test-taking strategy.

College Prediction Linked To Improvement Plan

RANKUP accurately predicts your college and branch after every test. It also tells you the next level of college you can get based on your potential and the score required to get there. The entire improvement plan that RANKUP provides is based on that and RANKUP continues to generate improvement plans for you until you are in a position to get into your dream college (which RANKUP asks when you apply for it).

Effort Rating For Higher Score

RANKUP has found a unique way to measure the amount of effort you are putting in your preparation.

A student can reach up to a 100% effort rating which translates to guaranteed success.

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With all these features, RANKUP guarantees score improvement by up to 55 percent in just 10 tests.

These are some of the key features of RANKUP. It ensures concentration, conceptual learning, and score improvement. Subscribing to RANKUP means you are definitely in good, experienced hands. Embibe’s mentors have helped thousands of students over the years across all levels of ability.

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