What is JUMP?

JUMP is a power-packed, score improvement tool for students preparing for various competitive exams, like JEE, BITSAT, and NEET. It helps students overcome the challenges that hurt their score in exams. 

JUMP uses data analytics to provide exclusive insights into your performance in tests. It pinpoints the exact areas you need to work upon and improve, like academic weaknesses, careless mistakes, time management, etc. 

It also provides score improvement practice packs containing questions from your tests and practice where you made mistakes due to lack of knowledge or gaps in proper test-taking strategies.

The all new and improved JUMP packs along with other features will definitely help you get your unfair advantage to jump ahead in your exams.

What are the features of JUMP?

The following are the unique features of JUMP:

Fix Knowledge

JUMP allows you to fix the gaps in your academic knowledge by practicing the exact questions from your test and practice which hurt your score due to conceptual weaknesses. You can also learn from the mistakes of other students, including top rankers, by practicing questions where they made mistakes. Important questions of every type are also included.

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Fix Strategy

You can also practice questions from your test and practice, which caused you loss of marks, time or both due to gaps in your test-taking strategy. 

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Advanced Test Analysis

JUMP provides detailed analysis of your tests which pinpoints the exact areas hurting your score, be it your weak chapters and concepts or gaps in your time management and question selection.

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Compare With Rankers

JUMP allows you to compare your performance in various tests with top rankers who have taken the same tests on our platform. This will help you to learn the strategies that rankers use to score higher. You will also get to learn what mistakes they made in the tests.

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Experience The Real Test

You can experience tests which are exactly of the same difficulty level and nature as the actual exams. Even the distribution of questions (chapter-wise, concept-wise, and skill-wise) and ideal time to finish the paper are same as the actual exam.

Apart from these, JUMP provides College Predictor and Rank Predictor to predict your college and rank accurately after every test. You can then plan your preparation accordingly to improve yourself and get into your dream college.

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