Embibe's Behaviour Meter is an insightful widget which depicts your behavioural strengths and weaknesses that affect your performance. It identifies your current behaviour and suggests tips to fix score-hurting behaviour like nervousness, overconfidence, etc. 

Taking into consideration your efforts to study, practice and attempt tests, it tells you what your current behaviour is. It also suggests actionable recommendations to improve your behaviour, thus favourably impacting your performance. This helps you to improve your test-on-test score simply by tweaking your test-taking strategies.

What are the different kinds of behaviours on Embibe?

Embibe’s Behaviour Meter depicts 7 different kinds of behaviours: 

  1. Slow
  2. Flukes
  3. Overconfidence
  4. In control
  5. Indeterminant
  6. Marathoner
  7. Bored

Let's look at each one in detail.


Even if you get the questions correct after going over time (i.e. by spending more than the ideal time) you are losing valuable time that you could have used to attempt other questions in the paper. A balance between speed and accuracy is extremely important to perform well in your exam.


When you answer questions too fast and get them incorrect, it implies your concepts are not clear and you are not putting the right amount of effort to solve the problem. This type of behaviour will result in negative marking.


You should spend the right amount of time on each and every question and solve them carefully. Otherwise, there are chances of making careless or silly mistakes.

In Control

If your Behaviour Meter shows this, it means you are maintaining a balance between speed and accuracy. You are spending the right amount of time on most of the questions and getting them correct.


Your Behaviour Meter will show this when you get most of the questions incorrect. This happens when your concepts are not clear and/or you haven't solved a sufficient number of questions.


You are on a roll if you see this. It means you are performing very well. You have the right behavioural skills to take the exam successfully. Keep it up!


Taking tests is a great physical and psychological challenge. Without the right amount of practice, you are likely to get exhausted or lose your focus in the exam. It is important for you to develop your stamina - your ability to sit for long hours without getting distracted or exhausted.

As you can see, minor behavioural issues can affect your score to a great extent. In fact, your behavioural and test-taking skills form 39% of your score. So, you must put conscious effort to improve your test-taking behaviour.

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So what are you waiting for?

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