With the all new Embibe, you can study anything you want in just two clicks.

Embibe offers more than just helping students get acquainted with the basics. It helps students to finish the entire syllabus of competitive entrance exams with maximum efficiency.

How Does Embibe's Study Platform Work?

When you land on Embibe's home page for the first time, you will see the following screen:

This is our magical Knowledge Tree which is a map of concepts and how they are inter-related. It will help you identify and connect gaps in your learning journey. Clicking on any concept will take you to the respective study page of that concept.

Click on "Start Now" or "Search Now" to go to the search page. 

Hereafter, you will directly see the search page when you land on the homepage. Here you will see two things:

  • Search bar
  • Choose a Mission

Clicking on “Choose a Mission” will allow you to select your:

  • preferred goal (engineering, medical, etc.),
  • exam category (JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, etc), and
  • country

If you don’t find the exam type you are looking for, you can make a request by typing in the name of the exam.

Searching Chapters And Concepts

Begin by registering or logging in with your email id and password. This will help us track your performance and give you better guidance.

In depth: Find out how to sign up on Embibe here.

Inside the search bar, you can type in the name of the chapter or concept that you want to study. As you start typing in, you will see frequently searched and relevant chapters and concepts across the screen. You can click on the name of the chapter and concept and go to the search result page.

Search Result Page
The Search Result page will give you an overview of the chapter or concept.  

Here you can select your preferred goal (engineering, medical, etc) and the specific exam you are preparing for (JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, etc).

The Search Result page will contain the following:

  • A snippet of the description (explanation) of  the chapter or concept
  • Related concepts
  • Most viewed videos
  • Cheat sheets
  • Related practice and test links
  • Option to ask a question, etc.

Clicking on "Learn more" option below the snippet will take you to the Study page of the chapter or concept.

Study Page
The Study page will give you access to the complete resources for the chapter or concept that you want to learn.

The Contents tab will show what all are included in this page - Description, Video (only on the concept page), Practice, FAQs, etc. 

On the left side of the screen, you will see all the chapters under that particular unit. Clicking on the '+' icon beside the name of the chapter will show you all the concepts in that particular chapter. You can learn each chapter or concept individually by clicking on the name of the chapter or concept.

1. Description: A brief description of the chapter or concept will be provided.

2. List Of Concepts In The Chapter: If you land on the page for a chapter, you will see the list of concepts in that chapter. You can click on the name of the concept and go to the respective page of the concept.

3. Most Viewed Videos: If you click on a particular concept and go to the respective concept page, you will see this section after the description of the concept. The most viewed videos for that particular concept will be available in this section.. The best video tutorials available on the Internet for the particular concept you are studying are provided which explain the concept in the simplest manner.

4. Related Concepts: With its very own Knowledge Tree, Embibe is able to point out the related concepts when you are learning a particular concept. The Knowledge Tree also shows how exactly the other concepts are related to a particular concept. This helps students to learn faster and retain for longer time. Click on the icon inside the red box as shown below to view the knowledge tree.

In depth: Read more about Knowledge Tree here.

5. Relevant Exams And Relevant Skills: On the right side, you can see the list of the exams for which the particular chapter or concept is important. Skills necessary to master that chapter or concept are listed below it.

6. Social Performance Analytics: This section shows the average attempt effectiveness of all students for that particular chapter or concept.

7. Embibe Guide: This acts as your mentor and recommends topics for you to practice based on your current level or performance.

8. Practice Questions: You will be able to go to the PRACTICE platform and solve questions from that chapter or concept. You can also solve specific types of questions for that particular chapter or concept like:

  • Most important questions
  • Previous year questions
  • Questions rankers got wrong

Here you will also see score-improvement packs suggested for you based on your performance in the practice sessions.

10. Tests: You can also take tests for the particular chapter you are studying. The option to take other relevant tests will also be available.

11. Other Features: The platform provides other features that can help you in your preparation:

  • Recently Asked Questions related to the chapter
  • Option to Ask A  Question and clear your doubts 

Watch this video to find out how Embibe's Study page works:

So you see, Embibe's STUDY platform is an exciting and effective tool to enhance your learning experience and optimize your learning outcome as you gear up to face the toughest and most competitive entrance exams.

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