Cracking competitive examinations needs more than just having in-depth knowledge of every concept and topics in the syllabus. It needs students to be able to manage time efficiently and effectively in the exam hall. At the same time, speed is not the only thing important in an exam. Speed without accuracy will yield no good result. Minimum mistakes and maximum scores in the exam can only be achieved through proper time management. 

Embibe’s Score and Time Analysis

  • Keeps a track of how much time you are spending on each question
  • Tracks the questions that you solved too quickly, which means you have either guessed them or were not careful enough while solving them, or you were confident
  • Tracks the questions you took additional time to solve, which means you are still weak in those topics

How does Embibe's Score and Time Analysys help in improving your time management skills?

Embibe monitors your performance and gives you a feedback on and insight into the way you took your test. This helps you to identify where you need to improve. This, in turn, helps you to optimize your time and get a few additional minutes to solve another problem. 

Following are the insights that the Score and Time Analysis of Embibe offers:

Insight 1: Subject Wise Score

This analysis will give you an insight into the questions you got right or wrong and the ones that you did not attempt for each subject. It also shows you how deficient or surplus you are from the cut off. 

Insight 2: First Look Time And First Look Accuracy

First Look Time is the time a student takes to finish going through the entire paper, not necessarily answer all the questions. First Look Accuracy is the accuracy level of your attempts during the First Look Time. Ideally, the First Look Time should be 100 minutes and the First Look Accuracy should be more than 90%

In depth: Read more about first Look Time and First Look Accuracy here.

Insight 3: Attempt Strategy:

You should have a solid strategy for attempting the test. Careless mistakes are often committed due to inappropriate exam-taking strategies. This is exactly what students get to identify from this section.

Insight 4: Time Spent

Embibe's Score and Time Analysis ensures you are aware of how you spend your time. This section of the analysis will tell you how much time you spent subject wise and how much time was spent on questions you did not attempt.

Insight 5: Attempt Effectiveness

This section of the analysis tells you about how efficient you were in taking your tests. It will tell you how many of your questions were wasted, perfect and overtime attempts.

You can also view the explanation of this analysis by clicking on 'View Explanation' to get the correct interpretation of the feedback.

Taking corrective measures becomes easier when you have such detailed insight into your performance and the way you took the test. You would now know exactly what needs to be done and that is how you would take correct steps ahead which will definitely improve your score.

Embibe has been instrumental to a lot of students who have seen a good spike in their scores after using Embibe’s Score and Time Analysis.

Embibe also provides Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis which helps you to identify your academic gaps.

In depth: Read more about Embibe's Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis here.

If you subscribe to JUMP or RANKUP, both these analyses will be automatically unlocked for you along with various other features.

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