Why is it important to score higher in BITSAT?

BITSAT is the entrance exam for admission to undergraduate and integrated engineering and other programs to the three campuses of Birla Institute of Technology and Science. BITS is the top most private engineering college in India and has a huge demand among engineering aspirants. Owing to the fewer number of seats, just cracking the exam doesn't guarantee you a seat in this institute. In order to ensure a seat, you must score as high as possible in BITSAT.

What are the factors upon which my score depends?

Unlike what most people think, rigorous learning and practice alone can’t get you your best score! Your exam score is built on 2 parameters:

  1. Academic Proficiency - Conceptual clarity and the ability to apply what you know form 61% of your score.
  2. Test Taking Proficiency - How you perform in the final 3 hours, irrespective of whatever you may have done in 2 years of study/preparation, determines the remaining 39% of your score. Skills like section level time management, attempt strategy, and question selection are an important part of it.

How does RANKUP look after all these parameters and guarantee higher score?

Embibe's RANKUP takes all these parameters into consideration and helps you formulate a personalized study plan that looks after your overall development, which in turn guarantees your score improvement.

In depth: Read more about how RANKUP helps you create a smart, personalized study plan here.

RANKUP has certain unique features that guarantees score improvement. RANKUP:

  • Keeps track of every movement you make on the website and pinpoints the key areas you are lagging behind - academically and strategically
  • Keeps track of the time spent by a student on every question and from these data, it helps the student to increase their speed and accuracy while taking a test
  • Gives personalized instructions on how to improve your exam-taking strategy, time management skills, and question selection skills 
  • Provides personalized practice packs 
  • Rates how much effort you are putting into your preparation 
  • Helps you to build your stamina to sit for long hours to take a test without getting exhausted

With all these features, RANKUP guarantees score improvement. All you have to do is take a test on RANKUP and start your preparation.

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Watch this video to learn more about how RANKUP provides score improvement plan for BITSAT:

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