Embibe provides detailed feedback after every test which is crucial to your preparation and performance. Once you finish your test, you will be led to the 'Exam Summary' page. Click on "Next". You will be led to the Analysis page which has three sections that will help you analyse your performance. 

  1. Score and Time Analysis
  2. Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis
  3. Compare with Rankers

Score and Time Analysis

The Score & Time Analysis section tells you about the way you took a test. Embibe keeps a track of how much time you are spending on each question. This analysis uses this data to tell you about your behavior, the way you spent time, and your strategy while taking the test. In order to unlock it, you need 740 Embiums. This analysis helps you to improve your time-management skills and exam taking strategy

In depth: Read more about the Score and Time Analysis

How to: Find out what Embiums are and how to earn them.

Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis

The Solutions & Conceptwise Analysis gives you academic feedback on your test. It tells you what chapters you got right, what chapters you got wrong, and what chapters you did not attempt. It also tells you which concept in a particular chapter you got wrong. Identifying the areas you are weak at helps to rectify them. You can go back and learn/revise these concepts. This analysis can be unlocked for 560 Embiums.

In depth: Read more about Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis.

Check out this video to know more about Advanced Test Analysis.

Compare with Rankers

You can also unlock Compare with Rankers for 1320 Embiums and see where you stand in comparision to other rankers. With this feature, you can compare your performance (time management, attempt strategy and chapters you did not attempt etc.) with the rankers.

What if I do not have sufficient Embiums in my account?

If you do not have sufficient Embiums in your account, you can purchase them. Click on the button saying Advanced Test Analysis. This will appear:

Click on "Unlock Now". You will be led to buy Embiums:

If you subscribe to RANKUP and JUMP, you will get Advanced Test Analysis along with many other amazing features.

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