Question papers for competitive entrance exams are set in such a way so as to test the students’ overall knowledge and skills. Your exam-taking strategy, question selection, and time management skills play a vital role in your performance. Even the leading coaching centers do not have the resources or technology to help students improve these skills. As a result, most of the students have difficulty to complete the exam even if they know everything.

Without proper and efficient management of time, you won’t be able to complete the exam and showcase your knowledge. In order to improve your time management skills, you have to practice and take full-length mock tests regularly and then assess your performance. 

How can Embibe help me improve my time management skills?

Embibe's Advanced Test Analysis provides valuable insight into your test-taking strategy and helps you improve your time management skills:

First Look Time and First Look Accuracy  

Embibe's Test Analysis gives insight into your First Look Time and First Look Accuracy. Ideally, the First Look Time should be 100 minutes, so that you can spend the rest of the time to attempt the other questions. The First Look Accuracy should be more than 90% to ensure high score.

Time Spent 

Embibe gives detailed insight into the way you spent your time. 

  • It keeps track of how much time you spent subjectwise and how much time you wasted. 
  • It also keeps track of the time you spent on every single question and provides detailed information about your attempt effectiveness. It tells you how many and which of your attempts were Perfect, Wasted, and Overtime.

Identifying these questions and the time spent on them helps you know your strengths and weaknesses, which you can work upon and improve.

In depth: Read more about Advanced Test Analysis here.

Also, while practicing on Embibe, you can track how much time you are spending on each question, and learn how to solve them within the estimated ideal time.

Embibe's data analytics, thus, helps to improve your time management skills. It has been found that using Embibe, students have overcome behavioral weaknesses like overtime attempts, and have completed their exam on time with increased accuracy.

Taking tests on Embibe also helps in improving your stamina, speed, and accuracy. 

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