Embibe provides detailed academic feedback on your tests, which helps you to identify the areas – chapters and concepts – you are weak at and need to improve. This is called ‘Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis’.

In Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis, you will be able to see:

  • Chapters you got wrong,
  • Chapters you got right,
  • Chapters you did not attempt

Within the Chapters you got wrong, you will also find the particular concepts you got wrong

When you know the exact areas you are weak at, working on them and taking corrective measures to improve yourself becomes easier. You can go back and learn these chapters and concepts.

In this Analysis, you will also get detailed video solutions for every question, which explain the solutions in the simplest manner.

Embibe provides Advanced Test Analysis which contains Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis and Score and Time Analysis. Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis can be unlocked with 560 Embiums and Score and Time Analysis needs 740 Embiums to unlock.

In depth: Read more about Advanced Test Analysis here.

If you sign up for JUMP or RANKUP, the Advanced Test Analysis will be automatically unlocked for you along with other features.

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