Your exam score depends upon multiple aspects like your knowledge about the concepts and topics in the syllabus, time management, question selection, etc. All these aspects can be grouped under three factors. 

Academic Proficiency is one of the three factors that determine your score in the exam. The other two factors are Behavioral Proficiency and Test Taking Proficiency.

What is Academic Proficiency?

Academic Proficiency refers to the amount of clarity a student has about the various concepts and topics in the syllabus and his ability to apply this to solve the questions. It determines 60% of your score.

In order to improve your Academic Proficiency, you need to have a basic understanding of all the concepts in the syllabus and then, master the most important concepts by rigorous practice and assessing your performance.

Embibe’s Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis of tests helps you identify the areas – chapters and concepts – you are weak at and helps you to improve. This, in turn, improves your Academic Proficiency.

In depth: Read more about Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis here.

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