Behavioral Proficiency is one of the three factors that determine your score in the exam. The other two factors are Academic Proficiency and Test Taking Proficiency.

Even a well-prepared student can lose confidence, become nervous or panic in the exam hall. Test taking is as much a psychological challenge as it is an academic one. In order to give your best shot, you need to have control over these behavioral issues. 

High level of Behavioral Proficiency guarantees better performance as Behavioral Proficiency determines 20% of your score.

Embibe’s Score and Time Analysis gives detailed insight into your Behavioral and Test Taking Proficiency. Knowing exactly where you are standing and what your weaknesses are helps you to take appropriate actions to improve yourself.

In depth: Read more about Score  and Time Analysis here.

Check out this video to find out how Embibe's Advanced Test Analysis can help you to improve on all the three factors that determines your score:

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