Embibe is a data-driven E-learning platform that helps students to prepare for competitive entrance exams. These exams test students for their: 

  • Academic strengths
  • Analytical skills,
  • Time management skills, 
  • Situational intelligence 

All these aspects cannot be looked after by human teachers and traditional coaching classes.

But Embibe and its products are results of years of research by data scientists and academicians at Embibe. Embibe has three kinds of data as follows and these data are used to help for the overall development of the student, which in turn ensures higher score:

Exam Analysis Data

 Embibe has a massive data warehouse: 

  • Which contains hundreds of thousands of questions and answers from thousands of exams conducted by various boards and institutes
  • Where all the questions and answers along with the related study materials have been tagged with the relevant concepts

It has also been found that engineering and medical entrance exams cover more than 15,000 concepts, which is difficult to remember. 

In order to address this problem, Embibe created the Knowledge Tree where each and every concept is linked to one or more other concepts. Once you understand a concept properly, it becomes easier to learn the other related concepts.

In depth: Read more about Knowledge Tree here.

Data Of Years Of Rankers Practising On Embibe

Because Embibe is a free and open platform where everyone can practice and exploit the scale of data we measure to give you feedback, we have been able to discover the strategies that achievers use to get the advantage.

For example, it has been found that most of the Rankers have a First Look Time of 100 minutes and First Look Accuracy of more than 90%.

In depth: Read more about First Look Time and First Look Accuracy here.

Embibe keeps track of this information for every student who practices on Embibe and helps them to improve.

Attempt Data Of Students

Embibe also keeps track of the attempt data of every student when they practice or take tests on Embibe. This data is tagged with time, difficulty level of the questions, concepts, and relevance to each exam, and is used to give detailed feedback to the students on their tests. This helps in identifying where the student is lagging behind, both academically and strategically. 

Check out this video to find out how the Advanced Test Analysis of Embibe can help you to improve your score:

With all these data, Embibe ensures overall development of a student and guarantees score improvement. 

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