Rankers are known to have tricks and strategies that help them take their performance to the next level. Read on to get in on a few of them.

Although exams like the JEE test students for their-

  • academic abilities,
  • analytical skills,
  • time management skills, 
  • situational intelligence and
  • stamina,

many don’t give enough attention to the strategy of actual test taking. These are specifically the tricks that help Rankers go the extra mile to crack the exam.

Because Embibe is a free and open platform where everyone can practise and exploit the scale of data we measure to give you feedback, we have been able to discover these strategies that achievers use to get the advantage. Here are a few that we believe are the most important.

Strategy no.1: Optimise Your First Look Time

Rankers go through the entire question paper within the first 50-60% of the exam time. We call this the First Look Time.

  • During this time, they do not necessarily answer all the questions. They attempt only those questions which they are confident to answer. 
  • They do not try to solve every question in the order they appear in the paper. 
  • This gives them enough time to revise the paper and attempt other questions which they found difficult.

Most of the top rankers have a First Look Time of less than 100 minutes.

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Strategy no. 2: Maximise Your Accuracy

Scoring high is also a mind game where you need to focus and deliver. It is important that you build confidence as you work your way through the paper.

It has been found that the accuracy rate of the rankers' attempts during the First Look Time is more than 90%. This is called the 'First Look Accuracy'. 

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Having the First Look Time below 100 minutes is not enough if your attempts during this time are not correct. Rankers prefer to maintain a balance between speed and accuracy. This is why it is necessary to attempt only those questions which you are confident about during the First Look Time.

Strategy no. 3: Optimise Your Attempts

Overtime Attempts cause:

  • Loss of time even if you have answered correctly - time that could be used to answer other questions
  • Loss of time and marks if you have got the answer wrong

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With Embibe's Score and Time Analysis, you can improve your time management skills. Score and Time Analysis gives detailed insights into the way you took the test. Identifying the gaps in your strategy can help you to take the right measures to improve on them. This, in turn, guarantees score improvement.

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Embibe's premium product, RANKUP, with its personalized guidance helps you to improve on all these three strategies. It makes sure you improve your academic proficiency and test-taking skills, which, in turn, guarantees score improvement.

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