Yes, you can use Embibe for free. However, we also have paid subscriptions!

What is free on Embibe?

The basic content, i.e. the resources required for preparing for competitive entrance exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS and IBPS are available for free.

Embibe provides the following resources/features for free:

  • Embibe provides free study materials, notes and video lectures for around 15,000 concepts that cover the entire syllabus of all these competitive entrance exams.
  • Embibe provides unlimited practice questions for each topic and subtopic. Every question has Hints to help you solve them. You can also Bookmark a question to revise later.
  • Embibe provides a wide range of test series for free - Chapterwise tests, 11th revision tests, Full tests, Mini tests, Live tests, Part tests, Previous years' tests. These tests are of the same difficulty level as the actual exams
  • You can also clear your doubts for free on Embibe. All you have to do it post your doubts on Ask and our Experts will get back to you in 24 hours.

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Why do you need paid subscriptions then?

While one may crack entrance exams by learning, practicing and taking tests, that doesn't guarantee one would definitely get a seat. 

With the rise in competition, the only way to ensure a seat in a medical or engineering college is through getting a high score in the entrance exams. But a high score is not guaranteed by in-depth knowledge and rigorous practice only. It requires a smart study plan that looks after the following three factors that contribute to your score:

  1. Academic Proficiency: This refers to the amount of clarity a student has about the various concepts in the syllabus and his ability to apply the knowledge to solve questions. This forms 60 percent of your score. However, that doesn't mean one should learn everything from top to bottom of the syllabus. Not all the chapters and concepts are equally important; also, the difficulty levels of the questions asked vary too. Students must consider all these things and plan their preparation accordingly.
  2. Behavioral Proficiency: Test taking is as much a psychological challenge as it is an academic one. Even the most knowledgeable student may lose confidence and panic in the exam hall, causing him to make silly mistakes and lose marks. We have found that a student's behavioral aspects form 20 percent of his score.
  3. Test Taking Proficiency: No matter how knowledgeable you are, what matters the most is the way you take the three-hour test - the way you select the questions, spend time on each question, etc. - your overall exam taking strategy. This forms 20 percent of the score.

Keeping these three factors in mind, Embibe has created two paid products/subscriptions that look after all these three factors and help students to score higher. 

However, we also understand the value of your hard earned money and hence have endeavored to make these subscriptions available at reasonable fees. 

What are the paid subscriptions on Embibe?

We have two paid subscriptions on Embibe, namely, JUMP and RANKUP. These subscriptions make the use of advanced and intelligent technology to give you even more detailed analysis and personalized help. You can think of it as your own personal teacher. You can improve your score up to 60 percent by going for JUMP & RANKUP which are the premium packs (Paid Products) from Embibe.

Let us now look at the features of each of them in details:


JUMP is a personalized tool for students preparing for various competitive exams. It is a set of score improvement packs that consists of important questions selected not only from your mistakes but also from rankers' and other students' mistakes. It uses data analytics to provide exclusive insight into your performance. It pinpoints the exact areas, academically or skill-wise, where you need to work upon and improve. Basically, Jump focuses on what is leading to loss of marks by giving you a peek into your academic, behavioral and test taking strategies.

Jump prepares a student to face exams by offering the following features:

  • Advanced Test Analysis to improve test-taking strategy and time management
  • Question-wise feedback and analysis along with video solutions across 15,000 concepts
  • Compare your score and performance with rankers
  • Score improvement packs to fix you knowledge gaps, fix your strategy, or both

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While Jump focuses on what is leading to loss of marks, RANKUP focuses on how you can improve. If Jump is a bucket-list of things you need to improve, RANKUP is the road-map that gives you a step-by-step guide on how to improve till you are able to check each item from that bucket-list. ;) And in medical terms, one could actually say that Jump is a diagnosis of where you’re going wrong, while RANKUP is the treatment plan to get you fit and fighting! :)

Below is a point-by-point summary of some of the exclusive benefits of RANKUP:

Personal Mentoring: Subscribing to RANKUP means you’re definitely in good, experienced hands. Embibe’s mentors have helped thousands of students over the years across all levels of ability.

Option to Select Topics to Improve: RANKUP offers exclusive improvement plans to help students boost their performance in specific topics. You can choose from more than 15,000 concepts - the most comprehensive collection of concepts anywhere!

Track Your Progress: Jump is wonderful as far as test analysis and feedback is concerned; RANKUP, however, tracks your performance across different tests and adapts to your way of preparation.

Effort Rating: Every tutor insists that all the students should put in their maximum efforts but, by no means, can such efforts be measured. Eventually, students are blamed for not scoring well. RANKUP has found a unique way to measure your efforts. A student can reach up to a 100% effort rating which translates to guaranteed success.

Unique Behaviour Improvement Strategy: RANKUP takes into consideration factors beyond academic knowledge and its application. It tracks how certain behaviors and gaps in test taking strategy hold your score back. By identifying these behavioural problems, it helps you improve your score by 40%.

So now you see, while JUMP gives you the 'what', RANKUP shows you the 'how' - how to improve your performance, how to improve your score, how to get closer to your dream college - and that is exactly why you need to take RANKUP! :)

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