Students usually get confused about:

  • where to begin when they have just started preparing for competitive entrance exams
  • how to start revision when they have finished the syllabus

The answer to both the situations is to start by taking a test on Embibe.

How will tests help you?

Taking a test on Embibe will help you know where you stand.

Embibe's Advanced Tests record 5 separate parameters while you take a test to give you in-depth feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. On top of this, we break down the exam you are targeting into the fundamental concepts and map your strengths and weaknesses to the relative importance of the concepts. 

In depth: Read more about Advanced Test Analysis here.

Use the test feedback to plan your way forward

Once you see your feedback, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Look at the Questionwise Analysis and work on the mistakes you made

Embibe's Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis tells you:

  1. Important Chapter and ‘Chapter you got wrong’
  2. Important Chapter and ‘Chapter I did not attempt’
  3. Regular Chapter and ‘Chapter I got wrong’
  4. Regular Chapter and ‘Chapter I did not attempt’

Go through the analysis and:

  • view the video solutions, revise and solve all the Incorrect Questions as well as questions you did not attempt for each of the subjects
  • use Embibe's Study platform to learn/revise all the related concepts and topics
  • take Chapterwise test for each of the chapter you got wrong or did not attempt.

Step 2: Start working on your behavioral and test taking skills

Embibe's Score and Time Analysis gives detailed insight into the way you took the test and helps you to improve your speed and accuracy.

  • Note down your First Look Time and First Look Accuracy. Ideally, the First Look Time should be less than 100 minutes and the First Look Accuracy should be more than 90 percent.
  • Note the chapters in which you have Wasted Attempts and go through the video solutions for the question. Also, make sure you solve practice questions from those chapters.
  • Do the same for the Overtime Incorrect Questions and then for the Overtime Correct Questions.

In depth: Read this article to know how to get your Behavior and Test Taking Skills right. 

Take another test after working on all these factors pointed out in the feedback.

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