While JUMP focuses on what is leading to loss of marks by giving you a peek into your academic and test taking strategies, RANKUP focuses on how you can improve

If JUMP is a bucket-list of things you need to improve, RANKUP is the road-map that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to improve till you are able to check each item from that bucket-list. 

In medical terms, one could actually say that JUMP is a diagnosis of where you are going wrong while RANKUP is the treatment plan to get you fit and fighting!

What are the features of JUMP?

JUMP is a power-packed tool that pinpoints the exact areas, academically or skill-wise, hurting your score. 

The JUMP packs have the following features:

Unbeatable Academic Analysis

The Advanced Test Analysis that comes with JUMP gives detailed analysis of the tests that you take on Embibe. It pinpoints the exact areas you are weak in - be it your conceptual weaknesses or gaps in your time management and other skills to take the test effectively.

In depth: Read more about Advanced Test Analysis here.

Score Improvement Packs To Fix Your Knowledge Gaps And Strategy

These practice packs contain important questions as well as questions from your practice and tests that you got wrong due to lack of academic knowledge or gaps in test taking skills. Questions where other students including top rankers made mistakes are also included so that you can practice them and avoid those mistakes.

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Compare With Rankers

This feature helps you to compare your performance in a test with other rankers. You also get to learn from the mistakes made by top rankers.

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Tests Like Real Exam

The tests are exactly of the same level as the actual exams.

What is unique about RANKUP that JUMP doesn't have?

In addition to the features of JUMP, RANKUP has the following features:

Unlimited Personalized Study Plan

Academic knowledge forms 61% of your score. RANKUP provides unlimited study plan customized for you based on where you stand - your strength and weaknesses - to improve your academic knowledge. 

With the Personalized Academic Revision feature, RANKUP narrows down your scope for study by selecting 10 chapters with 30-50 questions per chapter. Practicing these questions can help you master your weak chapters.

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With Select Topics to Improve feature, RANKUP allows you to choose from more than 15,000 concepts - the most comprehensive collection of concepts anywhere, and RANKUP will generate special practice packs containing handpicked questions for you. 

In depth: Read more about Select Topics To Improve (STI) feature of RANKUP here.

Plan To Become An Ace Test-Taker

RANKUP takes into consideration factors beyond academic knowledge and its application. It tracks how certain behaviors and gaps in test taking strategy hold your score back. By identifying these behavioural problems and giving you personalized instructions, it helps you improve your score by 39%. Be it inefficient time management or careless mistakes due to stress or overconfidence, RANKUP helps you to overcome these challenges and become an ace test-taker.

College Prediction Linked To Improvement Plan

RANKUP predicts your college and branch after every test you take. It also tells you the next level of college you can get based on your potential and the score required to get there. The entire improvement plan that RANKUP provides is based on that and RANKUP continues to generate improvement plans for you until you are in a position to get into your dream college (which RANKUP asks when you apply for it).

Effort Rating For Higher Score

Every tutor insists that all the students should put in their maximum efforts but by no means can such efforts be measured. Eventually, students are blamed for not scoring well. RANKUP has found a unique way to measure your efforts. A student can reach up to a 100% effort rating which translates to guaranteed success.

In depth: Read more about Effort Rating feature of RANKUP here.

With all these features, RANKUP guarantees score improvement by up to 55 percent in just 10 tests.

Subscribing to RANKUP means you are definitely in good, experienced hands. Embibe’s mentors have helped thousands of students over the years across all levels of ability.

So now you see, while JUMP gives you the 'what', RANKUP shows you the 'how' - how to improve your performance, how to improve your score, how to get closer to your dream college - and that is exactly why you need to upgrade!

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