Follow these simple steps to sign up on RANKUP:

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Click on Apply To RANKUP. Please note that if you’re not a first-time user or have already registered, click on login here

Step 3 - You will see 2 sections - Academic Details and Personal Details. Fill these up diligently. The more genuine the information, the better we’ll be able to guide you! Also, please note the following important instructions:

Academic Details

  1. RANKUP is live for JEE, BITSAT, NEET, and AIIMS aspirants
  2. You can choose as many branches as you’re interested in
  3. You can choose only one dream college. This will determine how RANKUP builds your improvement plan by assessing your current level and where you need to be to get admission in your dream college
  4. Target year is the year you are appearing for the exam

Personal Details

  1. Please enter your full name
  2. Please enter your parent/guardian’s full name
  3. Please enter your contact details. In case you don’t know your Pincode you can refer here -

Step 4 - Click on Continue to get started!

For further assistance, check out this video tutorial:

In depth: Read about how to take a test in RANKUP Tour (free trial version) here.

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