As soon as you start on RANKUP, it will ask you to take a test. You should take this test as seriously as you would take the final exam. RANKUP's college predictor takes your test result to assess your current level of proficiency and corresponding to that, the college that you would be eligible for.

Embibe has a database of over 45,000 engineering and medical colleges with previous year cutoffs by branch. RANKUP’s college predictor takes this data and maps historical cutoffs to your current test score thereby predicting with 100% accuracy, the college and branch you would most likely get at your current level. 

Over the last 5 years, till date, there have been no cases where Embibe’s predicted college has been reported to be inaccurate!

Subsequently, RANKUP builds your improvement plan and maps exactly how much you would need to improve to get to your dream college!

Watch RANKUP's college predictor in action:

Intrigued? Get RANKUP and experience its power and accuracy first hand!

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