Yes! As sure as the sky is blue! RANKUP is unlike any other education technology product. It helps tackle deficiencies across its score improvement parameters along with your Effort Rating. It is developed by top subject matter and data science experts and solves the age-long problem of lacking personalized education.

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Trust RANKUP to deliver on its promises as long as you are following every instruction given as part of your score improvement plan diligently.

It has been found that students who used RANKUP have seen score improvement by 25 percent after taking only two tests.

How does RANKUP ensure your score improvement?

Unlike what most people think, rigorous learning and practice alone can’t get you to your best score. Your exam score is built on three parameters:

  1. Academic Proficiency - Conceptual clarity and the ability to apply what you know from 61% of your score.
  2. Test Taking Proficiency - How you perform in the final 3 hours, irrespective of whatever you may have done in 2 years of study/preparation, determines the remaining 39% of your score. Skills like section level time management, attempt strategy, question selection are important part of it.

RANKUP's revolutionary algorithm takes into account all of these parameters and combines them with your effort rating (how much effort you’re putting in consistently). 

RANKUP takes you into a rigorous, personalized improvement plan to address your weaknesses. The most commonly observed deficiencies are listed below:

  1. Wasted attempts
  2. Perfect attempts
  3. Too fast correct
  4. Too fast correct on difficult questions
  5. Overtime incorrect
  6. Non attempt time
  7. Incorrect attempt time
  8. Subject accuracy imbalance
  9. Stamina
  10. First look accuracy
  11. First look time
  12. First look overtime incorrect

RANKUP, with its personalized guidance, helps students to improve upon all theses factors. This in turn guarantees score improvement.

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