No, you need not give test after test in order to use RANKUP. However, in order to make the best use of RANKUP and its features, and guarantee score improvement, it is recommended that you take tests at regular intervals.

Why is taking tests in RANKUP important?

RANKUP monitors your performance in the test and suggests you subsequent steps to reach your dream college. In fact, RANKUP is the only product that asks you what your dream college is before you start.

Based on your performance in the test, RANKUP:

  • Tells you which college you are likely to get with your current score and how far you are from your dream college

  • Generates Personalized Practice Packs for you based on the areas you are weak at

  • Provides you the detailed plan to improve your behavioral and test taking strategy

So, it is highly recommended that you take tests at regular intervals to optimize RANKUP to your advantage in your pursuit of your dream college!

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