Chemistry is the most scoring subject among PCM in which students can get 100% if their knowledge of concepts is strong. In JEE in particular, most of the Chemistry questions are easy.

But for those students who struggle in this subject, they should keep in mind the following steps  to improve their scoring in Chemistry.

  1. All three parts - Organic, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry - are very important
  2. Periodic table is a must to be learned thoroughly
  3. Make an effort to understand complete reaction mechanism
  4. In Physical Chemistry, be thorough with all the formulae
  5. For Inorganic section, give extra attention to d and f-block elements and coordination compounds
  6. Make personal notes; this will help you remember better.

How can RANKUP help you improve in Chemistry?

Taking test after test on RANKUP will improve your scores exponentially. After getting the feedback from your tests you will be aware of the following:

  1. Chapters you got wrong,
  2. Chapters you got right,
  3. Chapters you did not attempt, and

You will also get question-wise analysis of each question from the test. You will get to know the questions you got right, wrong, overtime correct, overtime incorrect or left unattempted.

Using this data, Embibe suggests how to go about with your study plan in the form of a personalized academic revision.

Personalized Academic Revision (PAR)

Preparations for JEE and medical entrance exams include over 15000 concepts to be covered, depending upon what subject combination you have chosen.

Embibe narrowed down the scope for studies using personalized academic revision. It gives you 10 chapters with hand picked revision of concepts. If you look at PAR, for full test, it gives you 10 chapters with 30-50 questions per chapter. so that you can master these concepts and get them right. These chapters are important for test concepts and preparations

If you end up practicing this content from RANKUP, you will actually get guided on a step by step basis. After practicing these questions, you can view detailed solution and learn it with the help of videos and knowledge tree.

After the practice you can also revise the concept. 

Once you start attempting this, RANKUP will start tracking these mistakes that you make and your progress.

It will assign you the Effort Rating on basis of your performance. If your effort rating is high your score achieved automatically increases!

Indepth: Read more about Personalized Academic Revision here.

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