When it comes to helping students score the maximum, narrowing down the scope of subjects is not the end of it for Embibe. At every point, Embibe's RANKUP gives you instructions about what mistakes you are making and how to improve it.

The next step to this endeavor is to ensure that students are working hard and making the best use of our resources to improve their score.

In order to measure how much effort the students are putting, we have created something called an Effort Rating

How is Effort Rating measured?

Effort Rating is a factor that Embibe calculates, keeping your behavioral aspects while taking tests, practicing and learning concepts, in account. 

Effort rating is measured on the basis of:

  • How much time you spend on questions and how hard you're working to understand and solve them. For example, if you have got a question wrong while practicing, are you just moving onto the next question or are you checking the solution and learning the concept?
  • how much of RANKUP's instructions is being followed and completed within time

The higher the effort rating, the better it is. If you do your revision really well and follow RANKUP's instructions diligently, your Effort Rating can go up to 100%.

So to increase your effort rating, make sure you follow RANKUP's suggestions and instructions to improve your score.

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