Why is it important to improve your test taking skills?

Having high level of academic knowledge alone cannot guarantee you a high score in competitive entrance exams. Without proper test taking skills, you won't be able to showcase your knowledge in the test. 

More than 95% students are unable to convert their knowledge into marks because of poor test taking skills. Test taking skills include skills like the ability to select the right questions to answer, time management skills, etc. 

These factors constitute 39 percent of your score, which means you can improve your score by 39 percent if you have better test taking skills.

How does RANKUP help in improving your test taking skills?

Embibe's premium product, RANKUP, keeps track of the way you take your tests. It tracks the way you go through the paper and the time you spend on each question as well as the time that goes unproductive.

Based on this data, it gives you the current value and target value of the factors that determine your test taking skills and provides personalized instructions to improve.

The factors that decides your test taking skills are:

  1. Wasted attempts
  2. Perfect attempts
  3. Too fast correct
  4. Too fast correct on difficult questions
  5. Overtime incorrect
  6. Overtime correct
  7. Non attempt time
  8. Incorrect attempt time
  9. Subject accuracy imbalance
  10. Stamina
  11. First look accuracy
  12. First look time
  13. First look overtime incorrect

In depth: Read more about how RANKUP works here.

RANKUP also keeps track of whether or not you are following these suggestions and measures the amount of effort you are putting in your preparation. This is called Effort Rating which can go up to 100 percent. Higher Effort Rating guarantees higher score.

In depth: Read more about Effort Rating here.   

Watch this video to learn more about how to improve your test taking skills:

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