Usually students face the problem of not being able to prioritize which is why they are not able to improve. RANKUP's Personalized Academic Revision (PAR) solves that very problem which is what makes it so powerful.

How does PAR help me in revision?

After getting the feedback from your tests, you will be aware of theĀ 

  1. Chapters you got wrong,

  2. Chapters you got right,

  3. Chapters you did not attempt, and

  4. Question-wise analysis of each question from the test that you got right, wrong, overtime correct, overtime incorrect or left unattempted.

Preparing for engineering and medical entrance exams includes learning over 15,000 concepts! Personalized Academic Revision helps narrow down the scope of studying, thereby, helping you to focus better.

For a full test, PAR gives you 10 chapters with 30-50 questions per chapter with handpicked revision of concepts so that you can master these concepts and get them right.

If you end up practicing these questions from Embibe's RANKUP, you will actually get guided on a step-by-step basis.

Watch out this video to find out more about RANKUP's Personalized Academic Revision:

This is just one of the many amazing features of RANKUP. RANKUP provides many other features that guarantee score improvement.

In depth: Find out the unique features of RANKUP.

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