RANKUP practice is unique because it is adaptive. 

  • After you take your first test (Test 1) on RANKUP, based on the feedback you get, RANKUP generates Personalized Practice Packs (PPPs) for you. It handpicks concepts for you to practice that it finds you were struggling with. It keeps track of your behavior and your every move on how you are attempting them.

In depth: Read more about RANKUP's Personalized Academic Revision here.

  • As you go on practicing, improving and giving tests, RANKUP will assign you your effort rating on the basis of your performance. If you do your revision, practicing and tests really well, your effort rating goes to 100%. If your effort rating is high, your score automatically increases.

In depth: Read more about Effort Rating here.

With every step a student takes while practicing on RANKUP comes every possible assistance to optimize your performance. With this much personalization of an exercise, it’s impossible to miss anything. Watch how score improvement is inevitable with RANKUP:

Experience the magic of RANKUP first hand!

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