Why is having a personalized study plan important?

Cracking competitive entrance exams needs one to have a smart study plan that includes personalized assistance. This is because a student's score in the exam depends upon two parameters, namely:

  • Academic quotient
  • Test taking quotient 

These two parameters vary from one student to another, which is to say that every student is different from others and their strengths, weaknesses and needs are different too. In order to address these issues, students need to have a personalized study plan that looks after their overall development and maximizes their potential to score higher.

How does RANKUP help students create a personalized study plan?

Embibe's premium product, RANKUP, guides students at every level, pinpoints the areas they are lagging behind, and gives instructions on how to improve. The following are some of the features of RANKUP through which it provides personalized guidance and helps students create a smart study plan:

Personalized Academic Revision (PAR)

The syllabus of entrance exams like JEE, NEET and AIIMS include around 15,000 concepts. RANKUP's Personalized Academic Revision (PAR) narrows down the scope for studies by selecting 10 chapters for you with handpicked 20-50 questions per chapter where you have made mistakes while taking tests on RANKUP. Practicing these questions will definitely boost your confidence and help you score higher.

In depth: Read more about Personalized Academic Revision here.

Improving your Test Taking Strategy

RANKUP keeps track of the way you take tests - the amount of time you spend on each question. Based on the collected data, it gives you instructions on how to increase your Perfect Attempts, reduce your Overtime Attempts, and improving your question selection skills, etc. This results in improving your overall test taking strategy.

Effort Rating

RANKUP not only gives you personalized instructions at every level, it also keeps track of whether or not you are following the instructions and spending enough time to improve on your weaknesses. It rates the amount of effort you are putting in your preparation. If you follow the instructions, your Effort Rating can go up to 100 percent, which means your score will go higher too.

In depth: Read more about Effort Rating here.

With RANKUP's feedback, analysis, and personalized assistance, it helps you create a smart, personalized study plan that guarantees score improvement.

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