When you complete a test on Embibe, you will be given the option to unlock the detailed analysis of the test to follow through and take feedback from. Your performance in the test will be measured on 3 different levels:

  1. Score and Time Analysis

  2. Solutions and Concept-wise Analysis

  3. Compare with Rankers

Let's see what each analysis means:-

Score and Time Analysis

This analysis gives insight into your:

  • Subjectwise Score

  • First Look Time and First Look Accuracy

  • Attempt Strategy

  • Time Spent (subjectwise as well as on unattempted questions) 

  •  Attempt Effectiveness

In depth: Read more about Embibe's Score and Time Analysis here.

Solutions and Concept-wise Analysis

Solutions and Concept-wise Analysis lists down the following insights:

     a. Chapters you got wrong
     b. Chapters you got right
     c. Chapters you did not attempt
     d. Question wise analysis

You can also see solutions to questions from the test, subject-wise.

In depth: Read more about Embibe's Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis here.

Compare with Rankers

With this feature, you can compare your analysis with that of rankers.

In depth: Read more about Embibe's Compare with Rankers here.

Take a test to get your very own personalized feedback to improve your score, time, and attempt strategy.

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