Yes! Your score will undoubtedly increase upon using RANKUP.

In RANKUP, students receive instructions at every point about what is going wrong and how to improve it. RANKUP also measures your Effort Rating considering your determination and steps taken on RANKUP to ensure that you follow the tips offered to you. So, higher your effort rating, higher your improvement

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Following the suggestions recommended by RANKUP will always improve your score. 

Once you have given a test on RANKUP, it provides personalized study tips and customized sets of practice questions which are likely to come in the exam and the ones in which you are likely to commit a mistake. Personalized revision will help you to strengthen your weaknesses by offering you further questions to practice on the topics where you appear weak.

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You can check the analysis of your performance and use the instructions that RANKUP gives you to improve your marks.

All these ensure that none of your weak zones are missed and your score always increases with RANKUP.

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