Embibe's RANKUP is designed in a way which doesn't require a student to take any test twice:

  • The questions that we reckon you to be weak in will be considered in the next set of tests 
  • Based on the concepts you are weak at, Personalized Practice Packs will be generated for you. You can practice these questions and improve on them.

Hence, you cannot take the same test twice in RANKUP

In the interest of saving time and efforts, we recommend you to take your tests seriously to get a better-personalized revision plan

We believe that instead of taking the same test twice, it is better to concentrate only on the questions and related concepts you are weak at and improve on them.

However, the students who opened a test but couldn't take it due to power failure or other technical issues can reach out to us through our chat support and ask the support team to reset the test.

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