While self-study is the most important part of your preparation for competitive exams, rigorous learning and practice alone cannot help you achieve your best score. We believe that every child deserves to not only fight, but also win. 

In our endeavor to help students score higher, it is our vision to see students ace their exam and get to their dream college. This is the purpose of Embibe's RANKUP - to complement your daily study with personalized feedback and pin-pointed direction to what and how you need to do in order to improve from test to test!

RANKUP will ensure the following:

  1. Consistency
  2. Concentration
  3. Conceptual Learning
  4. Score Improvement

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of RANKUP's magic:

How does RANKUP ensure score improvement?

RANKUP is India’s first-ever product that offers personalized score improvement guarantee. It is specially designed to help aspirants preparing for various competitive exams such as the JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, AIIMS, and NEET achieve their best score. Developed by top academicians and data science experts at Embibe, RANKUP truly solves the problem of a lack of personalized mentoring and timely guidance in education.

RANKUP is completely personalized which means it can pin-point each and every one of your weaknesses across the entire syllabus. To start, all you have to do is take a test on it. That gives us enough information to identify your weaknesses across critical scoring parameters.

In depth: Read more about how to get started in RANKUP here.

Based on your performance in the test, RANKUP:

  • Generates Personalized Practice Packs (PPPs) for you that contain handpicked questions from important concepts and topics you are weak at
  • Gives you personalized instructions to improve your test taking skills

You can also improve on any topic(s) you want to. All you have to do is select the topics and RANKUP will generate special practice packs for you on the topics that you have selected.

In depth: Read more about Select Topics To Improve here.

RANKUP keeps track of your movements, whether or not you are following the instructions, spending enough time to practice, etc. Based on that, it gives you your Score Quotient and Effort Rating that help you to track your improvement.

1. Score Quotient

Score Quotient is a factor that is calculated on the basis of three other factors:

a. Academic Quotient
b. Behavior Quotient  
c. Test taking Quotient

RANKUP keeps track of these three factors, measures your score quotient and help you to improve it.

In depth: Read more about Score Quotient here.

2. Effort Rating
As you go on practicing, improving and giving tests, RANKUP will assign you your effort rating on the basis of your performance. If you do your revision, practicing and tests really well, your effort rating goes to 100%. If your effort rating is high, your score automatically increases.

In depth: Read more about Effort Rating here.

This is how RANKUP will help make your daily hours of studying worthwhile and ensure that you reap the fruits of success as you get closer to your dream college from Day 1 with RANKUP! 

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