After you log in to RANKUP, you will see three tabs - Summary, Assessment, and Improvement. Let us now look into what each of these tabs mean:


In the Summary section, you will have your college predictor. To see your predicted college, you will have to take a full test. This would be a guiding factor around what kind of efforts you need to put in to reach your dream college.

If you do not want to take a test, you can simply click on choose topics to improve on them.


In the Assessment section, you can see your current score and the score required to get into your dream college

The Assessment tab also says that the first step to your dream college is to take a test

This option is just below your dream college. You can click on Take A Test and select a Chapter Test, 11th Revision Test or Full Test so that you can get predicted score, analysis and personalized revision to achieve your dream college

Alternatively, if you do not want to give a test, you may choose topics for improvement.

In depth: Read more about Select Topics To Improve here.


In the Improvement section, you will be able to see your Effort Rating as well as your scores across tests.

In this section, you can also improve your test taking skills which will be tracked from the time you take the first test. Here, RANKUP gives you personalized instructions to improve your rest taking skills.

This section also provides Personalised Academic Revision which is a special practice session covering most important questions, previous year papers, and questions on concepts linked to your weaknesses for the entire syllabus as well as on your selected topics.

In depth: Read more about how to get started on RANKUP here.

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