Students giving tests on Embibe have realised that the practice papers and tests on Embibe are of the same level of difficulty as the actual exams. The marks that you score in a full test on Embibe are 92% accurate to that of the actual exam

How does Embibe ensure that the level of Embibe exams are same as the actual exams?

Embibe is a result of deep and detailed analyses done on a statistical level. The chapter-wise distribution of questions, concept-wise distribution of questions, variation of difficulty level, and many other factors based on previous years' papers of the respective exams are considered while setting up  the question papers.

As a result, students taking these tests get familiarised with the pattern and difficulty level of the actual exams. Also, we have found that students' score in the actual exams match by more than 92% with their scores in the tests on Embibe.

This is a great confidence booster for students who usually view these exams as intimidating and unpredictable. And with RANKUP to support your preparation, the chances of missing out on a highly improved score are almost none!

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