Score Quotient is a factor that is calculated on the basis of three other factors:

a. Academic Quotient - which forms 61% of your score
b. Test taking Quotient - which forms 39% of your score

How can RANKUP help me increase my Score Quotient?

The first thing you will want to know after giving a test is how well you performed in it and gather as much feedback as you can from it. After taking a test on RANKUP, the personalised feedback you get will make you aware of the following:

  1. Questions you got wrong
  2. Questions you got right
  3. Questions you did not attempt
  4. The gaps in your time management and overall test-taking strategy

In depth: Read more about Embibe's Advanced Test Analysis here.

After you have taken a full test, RANKUP's Personalised Academic Revision (PAR) gives you 10 chapters with 30-50 questions per chapter and hand picked revision of concepts.

In depth: Read more about RANKUP's Personalized Academic Revision here.

If you start practicing these questions suggested by PAR, you will actually be guided on a step by step basis till you can master these concepts and get them right.

After practicing a particular concept, you can view detailed solutions of each question and learn it further with the help of videos and the knowledge tree which will help give you a clearer understanding of each concept, thereby, increasing your academic quotient.

RANKUP also identifies the main factors (like answering questions in a hurry, taking too long to answer a question, etc.) hurting your score, gives your current values of these parameters, and sets target values based on your potential along with the score improvement it will cause. It then gives personalized instructions to improve on these factors. Following these instructions will help you improve your test-taking quotient.

In this manner, RANKUP improves your Academic Quotient and Test-taking Quotient, and hence, the Score Quotient.

RANKUP also assigns you your effort rating on the basis of your performance. If you do your revision really well, your effort rating goes to 100%. If your effort rating is high, your score automatically increases.

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