The Knowledge Graph is one genius of a tool to help students learn and understand concepts better. Preparations for engineering and medical entrance exams include over 15000 concepts to be covered, depending upon what subject combination you have chosen. How are students expected to remember all of that? Shouldn't there be a better way to study all these concepts so as to retain them better?

This very question gave birth to Embibe's very own Knowledge Graph

How does Embibe's Knowledge Graph help in your preparation?

Embibe found that each and every concept is not singular but is linked to at least one or more other concepts

One concept is derived from another and could lead to another, as shown in the image below. 

Once you have a strong hold on one concept, you can easily learn the others related to it. But first, you need to know which ones are related to which. 

That's where the Knowledge Graph comes in. 

This helps students connect the dots better and faster, leading them the way to better and faster learning and improved scores!

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