Embiums are the currency you earn while practicing on Embibe. It is a reward for the efforts you take during your preparation. It motivates you to practice more and improve your speed and accuracy. You can also use these Embiums to unlock various packs to boost your scores.

How to earn Embiums?

That's the easy part! You earn Embiums when you practice or take tests on Embibe. Each question you get right is worth Embiums. You earn a minimum of one Embium for answering a question correctly.  However, depending upon the difficulty level and Perfect Attempt, you can earn up to 4 Embiums per question

You can see how many Embiums you have earned. Check this image to understand how to check how many Embiums you have earned:

How can I use Embiums?

Embiums can be used to purchase different score improvement packs or to unlock other features on Embibe,  like the Advanced Test Analysis or Compare With Rankers. It is a substitute for your money and this means if you have enough Embiums to buy a pack, you can save yourself a lot of money.

In depth: Read more about Advanced Test Analysis here.

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