If you are spending more than the ideal time to solve a question, you might be getting it right but you are losing valuable time that you could have used to solve other problems. These are called Overtime Correct Attempts which are the reason why a lot of students are unable to complete the paper.

In depth: Read more about Overtime Attempt here.

Embibe has been able to curate a set of these time hurting questions from years of practice and test data on Embibe. The Practice Overtime Correct Attempts Of Most Students pack contains:  

  • Questions where most of the students spend more time, thereby, impacting time management of the entire paper, arranged in order of their importance for the exam

  • Ideal time for each question, hints and detailed solution

Embibe believes that there is a 63% chance of these questions appearing in the paper. Practice these questions to improve your time management skills.

You can unlock this pack using Embiums. 

If you are a JUMP or RANKUP subscriber, this pack, along with many other score improvement packs and features, will be automatically unlocked for you.

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