Although PCM forms the major part of BITSAT, English and Logical Reasoning shouldn't be overlooked as these sections can fetch you handsome marks with less effort. But most students focus just on PCM (and rightly so) and shove English and Logical Reasoning to the side for last minute studying (if time permits) or ignore these sections completely. The English Proficiency section carries 10 questions and if you are prepared for this section, it can help you score higher. But finding time to fit in English Proficiency into your study schedule can be worrisome.

How can Embibe help me finish the syllabus of English Proficiency section of BITSAT?

Embibe's BITSAT English Proficiency Revision Digest pack contains:

  • Questions curated from attempt data on Embibe as well as all combined knowledge of our Experts and pattern about the exam

  • Hints and detailed solution for each question

Here are the factors that have been taken into account while selecting the questions:

  1. Whether question or similar question appeared in previous year’s BITSAT exam,

  2. Whether question is from an important chapter, and

  3. Whether question is from an important concept.

These factors are combined using a weighted average to arrive at a final single “importance” ranking for each question, based on which this pack is prepared.

This pack will help you understand English better as well as solve ANY question that the BITSAT might throw at you. Every mark makes a difference. Think about it; most of the students you are competing with are not very strong at English even if they are very good at Physics, Chemistry and Math (mostly because it is not considered to be an important subject).

You can finish practicing all the questions in this pack in just two days.

You can unlock this pack using Embiums.

If you are a JUMP or RANKUP subscriber, this pack will be automatically unlocked for you. All other score improvement packs will also be unlocked.

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