Embibe keeps track of how much time you are spending on each question while taking a test or practicing. This data is tagged with the difficulty level of the questions to find out if you are spending more than the ideal time to solve the question. If you get the answer wrong despite taking more than the idea time, it is called an Overtime Incorrect Attempt which causes loss of both marks and time.

In depth: Read more about Overtime Attempt here.

Practice Overtime Incorrect Attempts of Most Students pack is a set of least scoring questions, specially curated from the practice and test data on Embibe. These pack contains:

  • Questions where most of the students spend more time and yet get them wrong, arranged in the order of importance for the exam

  • Ideal time needed to answer the questions, hints, and detailed solutions

Embibe believes that there is a 50% chance of you losing marks because of these questions in the paper. You need to revise these thoroughly because you can't afford to lose marks or time! This pack helps you to improve your speed and accuracy!

You can unlock this pack using Embiums.

If you are a JUMP or RANKUP subscriber, this pack, along with many other score improvement packs and features, will be automatically unlocked for you.

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