Make your best attempt strategy with Embibe's personalised, in-depth analytics, powerful guided practice and score improvement recommendations.

For this you should apply for any of our product, Jump or RANKUP, and follow them seriously.  You can become a successful student like others.

The rankers who are listed in the Embibe Success Stories have strictly followed the Embibe ways of study and preparation.

Here are some score improvement strategies from Embibe which were followed by our rankers by buying our premium products like Jump and RANKUP:

  • Score Higher Recommendations: Get the best insights on how to improve your score, personalised for you. Follow easy steps and see the difference.
  • Compare With Rankers: The real exam scores of rankers matched their Embibe test scores by 92%. Take the same tests and compare your attempt strategy.
  • Powerful Detailed Analysis: Go through the question by question breakdown of your test attempt and time management.
  • Comprehensive Timed Practice: Understand your overtime, perfect and wasted attempts even when you practice against ideal time with 90,000 questions.
  • Hints, Speed Tips & Video Solutions: Make use of hints and speed tips for guided practice and learning shortcuts. Go through the video solutions by India's top faculty.
  • Improve Your Test Taking Technique: The way you look at the paper changes your attempt. Find out how with more than 400 tests!
  • Test on Test Analysis: See how you have improved with every test taken. Know exactly what to revise - get pinpoint conceptual weaknesses across 15,000 concepts.
  • Quick Revision: Get cheat sheets and solved examples for every chapter. Know and track your progress on important chapters.

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